Children can suffer from chronic sinus issues just as much as adults. If your child has been dealing with frequent sinus infections or their sinus issues have impacted their quality of life, then a balloon sinuplasty for pediatrics could be the answer.

Why Medications Do Not Work

Antibiotics are not successful with chronic sinus symptoms. And, sinus medications can affect a child’s energy levels. Chronic nasal congestion has also been linked to a considerable loss of time at school, leading to poor performance and even accumulating medical expenses.

Why Pediatric Balloon Sinuplasty?

A balloon sinuplasty can safely and effectively widen your child’s maxillary sinus opening, which gives them relief from their sinus symptoms. The sinuses are opened through the nostril using a small, narrow camera. The balloon sinuplasty does not remove any tissue or bone and there are no incisions to worry about. Nothing is left inside your child’s nose either.


Studies have shown that a sinuplasty can offer long-term success for 8 out of 10 children who receive it. Also, an adenoidectomy and balloon sinuplasty may be performed in the sameprocedure.

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How It Works

The procedure is meant to expand the sinus openings and allow your child to breathe easier and get relief from his or her sinus problems.

During the procedure your child will go through four steps:

  1. A guide is inserted into the blocked sinus passage.
  2. The balloon on the guide is then advanced to help expand (gently) the sinus openings.
  3. The sinuses are washed out to remove any mucus or debris left inside, and then the device is carefully removed.
  4. The sinuplasty system is removed and the sinuses are instantly opened.

See a Skilled ENT First

Not all ENTs recommend a pediatric balloon sinuplasty and sometimes a sinuplasty is not the answer for your child’s chronic sinus issues. The only way to see if your child will qualify is through a consultation. An ENT must first rule out other underlying causes of the sinus problems, such as:

  • Allergies – Seasonal and Year-Round
  • Deformations of the Nasal Cavity

The recurring sinus infections and issues can really impact your child’s daily life. From causing frequent headaches to affecting their sleep or even making them miss out on sports and other opportunities, it is easy to understand how you would want to fix your child’s ailment.

If your child has suffered from chronic sinus issues, it may be in your best interest to contact an ENT. Dr. Light can assess your child and see if he or she is a candidate for pediatric balloon sinuplasty.